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By Cayla Woodburn

Summer is a time for jobs, internships and relaxation, but summer classes are a practical option for many college students today.

Summer classes can be beneficial for different reasons. Students often struggle with certain classes, fall behind or want to get ahead. No matter the reason, summer classes take some of the usual pressure off the spring and fall semesters.

One of the benefits of summer classes is that it allows students to test different subjects. College freshmen rarely know what they want to do with their life. This makes it stressful to pick a major. Taking summer classes allows students to find exactly what they are passionate about. Plus, they could even get ahead.

Another benefit to taking summer classes is that it allows students to get back on track for graduation. Sometimes people have to retake classes or they don’t have room to fit all their courses into their schedule. The summer term is the perfect time to catch up with course work and alleviate some stress from upcoming semesters.

Many universities offer general education or prerequisite classes in the summer which could help students get ahead in their given programs. Taking these more general classes in the summer leaves room for a job or free time in future semesters. Alleviating some classes from other semesters could even allow students to graduate early.

There are many benefits to taking summer classes, but they aren’t for everyone. College students often use the summer to gain job experience or make extra money. Taking classes during this time makes it more difficult to get a job due to students’ limited availability.

Another downside that is often attached to summer classes is the lack of downtime throughout the year. Each semester is stressful, and the summer can be a time to unwind from the trauma of college. Taking summer classes leaves little room for relaxation. Instead it causes the stress to last throughout the year. This may be problematic to some students, while others find it helpful to continually be in school because they retain more information from semester to semester.

Some students spend their summer working or lying on a beach. Other students use the summer to get ahead or back on track with their studies. Whatever the decision, students must find the option that best fits their lifestyle.


Exploring the Windy City

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By: Kaitlyn Johnson

Chicago Skyline

                             Chicago Skyline 

Chicago is one of the largest cities in the United States. It can be pretty intimidating to someone from out of town. I promise you, it’s not as intimidating as it seems. Here are the top five things to do in Chicago this summer.

  1. See a game at Wrigley Field

Watching a Cubs game is one of my favorite things to do during the summer. While sitting back and watching the Cubs, you get to be in one of the most well known parks in the country. There’s nothing better than sitting in the stands, eating a Wrigley hot dog and watching the Cubs bring home another win.

  1. Navy Pier

One of the most well known things to do in Chicago is visit Navy Pier. Take a ride on the Ferris wheel, play some mini golf, or ride on the swings. There are so many things to do on the pier. If you start to get hot in the summer sun no worries! Cool off while watching a movie in the IMAX theater located right on the pier.

  1. Lincoln Park Zoo

Lincoln Park Zoo is a zoo with 1,100 animals. Founded in 1868, it is one of the oldest zoos in the states. It is a beautiful 35 acres. Walk around with your friends and see all of your favorite animals.

  1. Millennium Park

Walk around one of the most beautiful parks in the city. It is home to the famous Cloud Gate, more commonly known as the Bean. Not only can you walk around but you can even watch movies on the lawn of the Jay Pritzker Pavilion.

  1. Food Tour

One of the best things about Chicago is our food. Chicago is known for deep dish Pizza and our Chicago style hotdogs. It is known throughout Chicago and even outside of Chicago that the best place to get deep dish is Giordano’s Pizza. If you’re hoping for a smaller meal, head to Superdawg’s for a Chicago style hotdog. The Superdawg comes with mustard, a dill pickle, a hot pepper, and onions. No Ketchup!!


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A traveller packs their bags for their trip.

By: Clare Dunn

Summer is approaching fast, and with it, the buzz of excitement that comes when travel plans become tangible realities.

This year, hundreds of thousands of college students will be travelling to different countries in the pursuit of a new world view, fun times with classmates and an excellent résumé builder. The fulfillment of all of these goals is present in summer study abroad.

Common advice given to students when they first enter into their university or college is that they should study abroad. Recent studies have shown that studying abroad helps students think more complexly, often making our thought processes more flexible and creative.

It also broadens your cultural and educational experience. Often, when a students study abroad, they go to on site locations like museums or historical landmarks, becoming exposed to different teaching and learning methods in the process. It offers a chance to practice language skills picked up during previous schooling. And it aids students in finding new interests, because they are more likely to try new things in a new place.

Future employers and graduate schools favor graduates with study abroad experience. Studying abroad shows that an individual doesn’t shy away from challenges and embrace new experiences.

The thought process behind professionals wanting employees with study abroad experience is that the world is ever globalizing. By leaving their home country, students learn how to interact with people from different cultures. And pushing student’s boundaries through foreign study is not an unreachable goal.

There are options that fit schedules and budgets. Universities are willing to work with students by advising them through class, half-semesters and semesters abroad. But some students and parents remain anxious about 20 year olds being in foreign countries.

Safety while studying abroad is important. But threats have not hindered students who want to get personal experience in order to form their own opinions about sociopolitical conflicts. Since 9/11, study abroad rates have risen by 20%. Students specifically have asked for trips to places with religious or political conflicts, and in June 2015, were given options for trips to Palestinian territories. Many advisors say that students should still seriously consider studying abroad, because the benefits are greater than the risks.

In many ways, study abroad is a way for students to push themselves out of their comfort zone. It’s one of the best ways to become an integrated global citizen.


A Bigger and Better Lollapalooza

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By Jack hermann


Flicker (CC)  photo by Leonardo Samrani

Chicago’s biggest summer event is about to get a whole lot bigger.

In the past, Lollapalooza has only been a three-day experience, but this year things are changing as Lollapalooza adds a fourth day to celebrate its 25th year.

This festival, held in Chicago’s Grant Park, draws an average of 300,000 people per day and hosts more than 130 of the year’s best bands from all genres.

This fourth day will not only bring 50 more bands to Chicago for Lollapalooza, it will also bring an extra day of chaos to the city. Every year, Chicago has to deal with the positives and negatives of Lollapalooza, including reckless behavior, drunken teenagers and countless instances of theft.

With each passing year, the popularity of this now international music festival grows larger and larger. Tickets have become a rare commodity as scalpers and companies buy tickets in bulk and leave the actual music fans to scavenge for whatever tickets they can get their hands on. People will pay top dollar for these tickets just to get a chance to see their favorite bands in one place. Now with a whole extra day added to the schedule, Lollapalooza fans everywhere have a better chance of getting a ticket.

Lollapalooza is what every Chicagoan and music junkie looks forward to every August. And this now four-day experience creates even more anticipation that this will be the number one music festival of the year.

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By: Kalyn Vick

It’s that time of the year again when families come together to have some summer fun, and there’s no better way to celebrate summer than to take a trip to an amusement park.

Amusement parks create a fun environment that anyone can enjoy. These amusement parks have something to offer to people of all ages–with ferris wheels and roller coasters of all different shapes and sizes.

Here are three amusement parks you must put on your to-do list this summer:

1) Cedar Point-Sandusky, Ohio

Cedar Point offers 18 roller coasters. With their fast, heart-pounding and loopy thrill rides, Cedar Point has been named, “the roller coaster capital of the world”. These thrill rides are sure to get your adrenaline pumping. But if you’re not ready for the high-thrill, 78-foot-tall, Blue Streak roller coaster, Cedar Point does offer other fun and exciting rides. Families can spend their entire day at  Kiddy Kingdom, Camp Snoopy and Planet Snoopy.

Cedar Point is a great place to go with a large group. Discounts are offered to those who plan on traveling in groups of 15 or more.

2) Kings Island-Mason, Ohio

Kings Island is the largest amusement park and waterpark in the Midwest. Offering both low-thrill and high-thrill rides, Kings Island offers a variety of coasters. If you’re brave enough to ride the Beast, then you’re brave enough to ride anything. To make the most of your visit, Kings Island offers Fast Lane Passes that allow you to bypass the regular lines on more than 20 rides and attractions, including the 215-foot-tall and steel Diamondback coaster.

3) Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park- Orlando, Fla.

Mickey Mouse, a known character from Walt Disney has made this park recognizable for children all over the world. Offering more than 20 attractions, this entertainment park is the best one yet. The character parades, street parties and amazing food make the park even more fun. Mostly known for its kid-friendly attractions, parents can still be entertained by the smile they put on their child’s face. Consider yourself to be the best person in the world if you take a little one here. In addition to enjoying the park, Florida is the perfect place for a family vacation.

Celebrate your summer by riding high with your loved ones. The key to having a great summer is visiting an amusement park that values your bravery and courageousness–Don’t be afraid to ride high!


Don’t get Burned by A Housing Scam This Summer

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52. 24 Hazelton Avenue

Photo taken by Billy Wilson

By Rachel Clark

Living alone over the summer for the first time without parental guidance or supervision can be a challenge for many young adults. Especially at a young age, life has not yet had a chance to teach lessons through experience.

Finding a safe and affordable place to live is probably the most important part of planning a summer away from home. It can also be the most difficult as housing scams against college students are on the rise.

Will Dowsett was looking for houses to sublease near Boston University for his senior year of college. However, since his hometown is in Wisconsin, he had no way to physically look at houses to rent or meet any landlords. This proved to be a big mistake.

After wiring $4,200 to his landlord for rent Dowsett returned to Boston University. When he arrived at the house he thought he was renting, however, there was no one there. “I emailed him, email wasn’t working. He wasn’t answering his phone and I kind of put the pieces together at that point that it was too good to be true,” he said.

He wasn’t the only one. Cambridge police reported 10 similar scams in that area. With little evidence to build a substantial case, it is doubtful that Dowsett will see his $4,200 again or the scammer brought to justice.

Scams like these targeting young college students are so common because students are more vulnerable than the average adult. In order to stay protected from this type of crime it’s important to remain aware and trust any instincts that may be hinting toward a bad decision.

The best way to stay protected from these types of scams is to never pay for anything that you haven’t seen in person.  If a landlord requires a transfer of large amounts of money before you’ve even looked at the house or apartment, that’s a major red flag. This type of approach accounts for 99 percent of Craigslist scam attempts.

It is easy to become a victim. As you go on looking for housing over the summer or even places to rent for next year, always remember that most dependable person is you.

The Horrors of Being a Vegetarian on a College Campus

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Fried chicken, burgers, hotdogs, spaghetti and meatballs, turkey sandwiches, and pepperoni pizza, all beckoned me every time I entered the Caf. I was a vegetarian and my options for meatless meals were limited. I oftentimes settled for a wilted salad with watered down dressing. With limited alternatives, I had to be creative in coming up with fulfilling meal. This phenomenon is not just prevalent on Xavier’s campus, but campuses all across the nation. For a vegetarian, on-campus cafeterias are a nightmare.

As a vegetarian on a college campus, it is hard to find the right balance between healthy alternatives, and quick and easy carb heavy meals such as pasta and macaroni and cheese. Without the proper substitutes, vegetarians might not get all of the nutrients they need. Beans, broccoli, yogurt, eggs and peanut butter are just a few examples of healthy substitutes a vegetarian can eat in order to get the proper amounts of vitamins, protein and calcium.

My experience with being a vegetarian in college was challenging. I originally became a vegetarian because I didn’t agree with factory farming, I wanted to decrease my carbon footprint, and I wanted to use my “economic voice” to stand against injustice. However, the temptation to give in to meat, and the lack of healthy alternatives on campus led to my downfall. I still believe in being a vegetarian, and one day I hope to become a vegan. However, until I have the financial resources and the means to cook for myself, I will settle for the caf’s chicken Parmesan.