Organic Food: To Eat or Not To Eat? By: Luma Bouso

Posted: April 15, 2016 by Bobosmith in Uncategorized


(Photographer Jeff K, Organic)

When you hear the word organic, what usually pops to mind? Pricey? Healthy? There is not much of a difference between organically grown foods and conventionally grown foods in terms of their nutritional value, but there are health differences in the way they are produced. This is because organic foods, such as fruits and poultry, are grown and raised without drugs and chemicals. People who stick to mainly organic choices are shown to have healthier outcomes over time. For example, in children, many who are raised eating solely organic meals are shown to have, “lower prevalence of asthma and allergies.” Furthermore, “The U.S. presidential cancer panel report recommends choosing organic, especially for children, the most vulnerable population for increased environmental cancer risk.” Organic berries are able to subdue the growth of cancer cells much better than conventionally grown berries. Besides being beneficial to your body, organically grown items are also beneficial to the environment. “Organic farming practices are designed to benefit the environment by reducing pollution and conserving water and soil quality.” Is there a downside to buying organic? The biggest known factor is price. the reason organic foods cost more than conventionally grown foods is because they require more expensive farming methods. People on a budget, such as college students, might see this as a reason to stick to non-organic choices. Now it’s up to you to decide between organic vs. non-organic food choices. Organic items are beneficial to the environment, don’t use pesticides, and help reduce the risk of certain diseases. The nutritional content doesn’t differ much between organic and non-organic items, and organic also costs more. So, which will you choose?


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